How Do We Human?

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Having Fun

Hosts Chris Binning and Evan Cox talk about the awkwardness when there's pressure to have fun. Plus, Chris makes merch, Evan likes Daylight Savings Time, and they both identify as Island Boys.


Hosts Chris Binning and Evan Cox discuss awkward feelings associated toward wearing and buying hats. Plus, Chris wants to create a dating show to rival The Bachelor and Love Is Blind, Evan was complimented by a car full of strangers, and they both are fascinated by actors in Metaverse commercials.

Getting Snacky

Snack attack! Hosts Evan Cox and Chris Binning talk about awkwardness related to snacks and snacking, as well as what does or does not count as a snack. Plus, Evan has a way to revolutionize shopping carts, Chris was abandoned at Friendsgiving, and they both would host Watch What Happens Live.


Before last week's winning Powerball lottery draw, hosts Chris Binning and Evan Cox go all in on the topic of gambling. Plus, Chris has his own version of Taylor Swift's Midnights album, Evan is not a robot, and they both cast a Happy Madison production of Alice In Wonderland.

Defunct Stores & Defunct Stuff (with Mary Nguyen)

Writer Mary Nguyen (@maryhbnguyen) returns to talk about working the new comedy series for Netflix, Blockbuster, as well as join hosts Evan Cox and Chris Binning in discussing other defunct stores, items, and practices. Plus, Mary is ready for a UFO to land in New York, Evan has guitar metal in his eye, and Chris has a DVD of Monster House ready to go at a moment's notice.

Building Our Own Haunted Houses (with Zach Jobe and Cailey Follet)

Actor Zach Jobe (@zhjobe) and writer Cailey Follet (@caileyfollet) join hosts Evan Cox and Chris Binning to create haunted houses based on random word prompts. Plus, Zach confuses Matthew McConaughey and Larry The Cable Guy, Cailey assumes no one knows what elephants are, Evan almost sticks a landing, and Chris peppers in puns.


Hosts Chris Binning and Evan Cox talk all about attention, and the awkwardness that comes with it. Plus, Chris thinks of himself as an American Boy, Evan deployed a bath bomb outside of his tub, and they both have a mystery impression they want you to guess.


Hosts Evan Cox and Chris Binning discuss the awkwardness that comes with practicing good posture, as well as the pain that comes with having bad posture. Plus, Evan wants to start a parade in his neighborhood, Chris wants to replace Trevor Noah on The Daily Show, and they both try to remember Pitbull songs.

Three Years Later, Chris And Evan Try The Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich

Trendsetting hosts Chris Binning and Evan Cox finally get around to trying a 2019 viral sensation, the chicken sandwich from Popeye's. Plus, Chris feels relief for Jack Quaid, Evan's shoulder is back, and Chris brings a game for Evan to play. Kind of.

SNL (Our Religion)

Hosts Evan Cox and Chris Binning discuss their tradition of watching Saturday Night Live, as well as their thoughts on the SNL season 48 premiere featuring Miles Teller and Kendrick Lamar. Plus, Evan considers himself part of the Seattle Mariners team, Chris just started watching The X-Files, and they both discuss famous celebrity bogs.

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