How Do We Human?

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Eating Out

Hosts Evan Cox and Chris Binning spend their 69th episode speaking on the awkwardness that can come from eating out at restaurants. Plus, Evan freestyle raps a parody of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song, Chris finds he's losing his rockin' metabolism, and they both pitch Ocean's 11 in a restaurant.


Hosts Chris Binning and Evan Cox talk about the uncomfortable topics related to camping and the great outdoors. Plus, Chris loves indoor plumbing, Evan gives marshmallows away, and they both try to decide how they'd fare on Naked & Afraid.


Question: wouldn't you love to hear hosts Evan Cox and Chris Binning talk about all of the awkwardnesses of Q&As, from poor interview questions to cringe-worthy audience members, while also taking questions from you, the listener? We hope the answer is yes! Plus, Evan has never seen pajama shorts, Chris may have found where the murder hornets went, and they both celebrate one of their listeners.

Celebrity Encounters

Self-proclaimed Hollywood big shots Chris Binning and Evan Cox have met multiple famous people -- and by "met", we mean they saw them and were often too awkward and afraid to say anything! But they're saying things now. Plus, Chris thinks people at brunch are looking at him, Evan is in a photo with Adam Sandler, and they both wonder about the history of LAX airport.

Greetings & Salutations

Hi! Hola! Bonjour! Hosts Evan Cox and Chris Binning welcome you to an episode all about the awkwardness associated with greetings. Plus, Evan says "sup dude", Chris knows the lyrics to the Threes Company theme song and they both are not "say your name, say your name" people when it comes to greetings!


Roll out those sleeping bags, because it's time to talk sleepovers with hosts Chris Binning and Evan Cox! Plus, Chris develops a new stand-up character, Evan tries reaching a dispatcher, and they both remember when they first saw Jurassic Park.

Gettin’ Fancy

Hosts Evan Cox and Chris Binning talk about how to get fancy and any awkwardnesses associated with it. Plus, Evan hates being warm, Chris failed his Game of Thrones audition, and they both learn what waiters want.


Hosts Chris Binning and Evan Cox might not live next to each other, but they're still going to be talking all about neighbors. Plus, Chris has a product to compete against MeUndies, Evan is Team Veggie Tales, and they both don't care for potato salad.


Hosts Evan Cox and Chris Binning strut their stuff through a conversation about their own fashion choices. Plus, Evan has a Marilyn Monroe moment, Chris loves softness, and they both can't remember ever seeing a Looney Tunes shirt with a single character that wasn't Tweety or Taz.

Apartment Living

Hosts Chris Binning and Evan Cox have been living in their apartments like never before, and are here to talk about it, from living with roommates to dealing with landlords. Plus, Chris gets mad at competitors in a mobile game, Evan lived Three's Company, and they both have plugs that could be useful in these unprecedented times.

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