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Air Travel

You are now free to move about the cabin, as your captains Evan Cox and Chris Binning, have turned off the fasten seatbelt sign to talk about the awkwardness that comes with air travel. Plus, Evan has a lot of notes, Chris is still trying to finagle his way into Bachelor Nation, and Evan has a pair of socks Chris is jealous of.


Humans Chris Binning and Evan Cox talk about awkward animal encounters. Plus, Chris has a new rocket ship design for billionaires, Evan wonders if fish can be happy, and they both hold on to the first segue they come across.


Hosts Evan Cox and Chris Binning explore the worlds of astrology and mysticism to see what awkwardnesses they can find within. Plus, they both do Yoda impressions, Chris makes a new commercial for Jersey Mike's, and there's bonus audio of an actual psychic reading Evan had years ago!

Chris and Evan Take The Enneagram Test

Join hosts Chris Binning and Evan Cox as they take a test to determine what enneagram type they are. Plus, Chris' phone has turned against him , Evan is a real Han Solo type, and their raunchy robot cohost HOW-E finally gets fired. Take the enneagram test here:

Amusement Parks

Keep your arms and legs inside the podcast at all times as hosts Evan Cox and Chris Binning take you through the awkwardness you can find in theme parks. Plus, Evan questions Goofy's architecture, Chris doesn't think people are writing home about his legs, and their robotic cohost HOW-E is somehow still here.


Hosts Chris Binning and Evan Cox talk about the awkward and uncomfortable micro-moments they associate with shoes. Plus, Chris doesn't want audiences to return to late night shows, Evan might join Croc Nation, and they both want to fire their robot cohost.

Robot Bracket - Part 2 (with special guest HOW-E)

The official How Do We Human raunchy robot HOW-E returns because hosts Evan Cox and Chris Binning are STILL talking about robots, and prepare to determine which pop culture robot is the best. Plus, Evan declares his favorite ninja turtle, Chris has a spin-off for The Maze Runner, and HOW-E continues to make things difficult.

Robot Bracket - Part 1 (with special robot guest HOW-E)

The official How Do We Human robot HOW-E joins human hosts Chris Binning and Evan Cox to complete another bracket, this time to determine which fictional robot is the best robot. Plus, Chris creates a competing dating app to Bumble, Evan lived in a town visited by Optimus Prime, and HOW-E gets real raunchy real fast.


Hosts Evan Cox and Chris Binning talk robots! Turns out awkward stuff can happen with them too! Plus, Evan tried to build a best friend, Chris reimagines Disney's Hall of Presidents, and they both fall into Australian accents.

Going To The Dentist

Hosts Chris Binning and Evan Cox discuss the anxiety and awkwardness that can stem from a visit to the dentist. Plus, Chris finds an army of bots, Evan remixes Boom Boom Pow, and they both love Ritz crackers.
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