How Do We Human?

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Hosts Chris Binning and Evan Cox make their private thoughts on privacy public! Plus, Chris feels like a safecracker, Evan suffers from the coin shortage, and they both get way too in the weeds about the replacement for Disney Parks' FastPass.


Swipe right on hosts Evan Cox and Chris Binning as they discuss the awkward feelings associated with dating. Plus, Evan has thoughts on Don Draper, Chris won at a claw machine, and they both have been involved in class action lawsuits.


Hosts Chris Binning and Evan Cox rocket into a conversation about the uncomfortable moments that can stem from thrillseeking. Plus, Chris' mustache curls upward, Evan got lost in a McDonald's Playplace, and they both took "the path of the mind".

Waiting For People To Come And Knock On Your Door

Hosts Evan Cox and Chris Binning talk about the awkwardness of waiting for a variety of people -- package delivery drivers, food delivery drivers, building maintenance workers, etc. Plus, Evan pulled a reverse Girl Scout, Chris is a gummy dummy, and they both wonder what the doors of the ears are.

Asking For Help

Hosts Chris Binning and Evan Cox are asking for help! And that's awkward! But all they need is for you to listen to them talk about how awkward it is to ask for help. Plus, Chris wants to address celebrities who aren't bathing, Evan wants to talk about feet, and they both are wrapped up in fear.

Alone Time

After recording over 120 episodes together, hosts Evan Cox and Chris Binning record this episode alone, separated from one another, and explore the ensuing awkwardness. Plus, Evan's in a tent, Chris spirals into a panic, and they both miss recording with each other. Awwwwwwwww!


Hosts Chris Binning and Evan Cox discuss the awkwardness associated with the traditional ideas of masculinity. Plus, Chris learns how confident people thrive, Evan went to Hogwarts, and they both want to know which of their former guests should become their therapist.

Air Travel

You are now free to move about the cabin, as your captains Evan Cox and Chris Binning, have turned off the fasten seatbelt sign to talk about the awkwardness that comes with air travel. Plus, Evan has a lot of notes, Chris is still trying to finagle his way into Bachelor Nation, and Evan has a pair of socks Chris is jealous of.


Humans Chris Binning and Evan Cox talk about awkward animal encounters. Plus, Chris has a new rocket ship design for billionaires, Evan wonders if fish can be happy, and they both hold on to the first segue they come across.


Hosts Evan Cox and Chris Binning explore the worlds of astrology and mysticism to see what awkwardnesses they can find within. Plus, they both do Yoda impressions, Chris makes a new commercial for Jersey Mike's, and there's bonus audio of an actual psychic reading Evan had years ago!

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