How Do We Human?

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Video Calls with Mary Nguyen, Katie Elsaesser & Tory N. Thompson

June 1, 2020

Returning guests Mary Nguyen (@maryhbnguyen, In A World Podcast), Katie Elsaesser (@elsassypants), and Tory N. Thompson (@tory_is_tnt -- follow Tory's dog @littlemixedmissy) pop in to chat with hosts Evan Cox and Chris Binning about the strange new worlds of teleconferencing, from Skype to Zoom to Google Duo. Plus, Mary watches patio fat cats, Katie could go deep in a bag of caramel M&M's, Tory gives away the secret to the acting industry, Evan stole his friend's apartment, and Chris is still bitter about a movie trivia game show audition from five years ago.