How Do We Human?

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Hosts Chris Binning and Evan Cox are scared of a lot of things, and now they're here to talk about how many awkwardnesses that comes with. Plus, Chris is Indiana Jones, Evan gets offered used underwear, and they both go on a lot of movie-related tangents.

Breakfast Cereal Bracket — Part Two (with Gabe Fabricant)

Comedian Gabe Fabricant (@godhatesfabs) returns to help hosts Evan Cox and Chris Binning complete the bracket and crown one breakfast cereal the best of the bunch. Plus, Gabe uncovers unsettlingly convoluted mythology surrounding the Lucky Charms mascot, Evan promises a Travis Scott Reese's Puffs box to a listener (a promise he does not intend to keep), and Chris claims Honey Bunches of Oats are the beef of breakfast.

Breakfast Cereal Bracket — Part One (with Gabe Fabricant)

Comedian Gabe Fabricant (@godhatesfabs) returns to help hosts Chris Binning and Evan Cox navigate their way through a tournament bracket to determine the best breakfast cereal. Plus, Gabe likes the element of control, Chris eats at a pace dictated by Ratatouille (2007), and Evan regrets searching "Toucan Sam sexy" on his phone.

Love Languages

Hosts Evan Cox and Chris Binning discuss the uncomfortable feelings that can come with showing love by taking the Love Language quiz ( Plus, Evan doesn't have cool sunglasses anymore, Chris thinks he's a lot like Prince, and they both have troubled pasts when it comes to hugs.


Some people love a big birthday bash, but that's not our hosts Chris Binning and Evan Cox, so they're talking about how awkward and uncomfortable birthdays can be. Plus, Chris cried during a magician's performance, Evan gets an important notification, and Chris brings a difficult game for Evan to play.


Join hosts Evan Cox and Chris Binning as they team up to discuss the awkward moments that can arise in collaborative situations. Plus, Evan asks his doctor about his neighbor's medical advice, Chris calls out a high school classmate, and they both claim to be slightly more handsome versions of famously handsome actors.


Hosts Chris Binning and Evan Cox talk about the awkwardness that the spirit of competition can bring.  Plus, Chris wants to cater to celebrities, Evan gets bad medical advice from a neighbor, and they both are big losers.


Get cozy as hosts Evan Cox and Chris Binning talk about everyone's favorite topic: sleep! Plus, Evan pitches his Space Jam sequel, Chris reveals what he does not simp for, and they both learn about Racoon Time.

Buying & Selling

An episode where hosts Chris Binning and Evan Cox talk about buying and selling through apps and websites? I'd buy that for a dollar! And I don't even have to, this podcast is free! Plus, Chris doesn't know music, Evan experienced the coin shortage, and they both look up other people's net worths so they can feel bad about themselves.


Check in with hosts Evan Cox and Chris Binning for an extended stay while they share stories of awkwardness in hotels. Plus, Evan is looking for that beep beep, Chris loves to put on a show, and they both want to replace the Do Not Disturb sign.

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